Structural health monitoring System

The process of implementing a damage detection and characterization strategy for structures is referred to as Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Here damage is defined as the unexpected changes to the material and/or geometric properties of a structural system, including changes to the boundary conditions and system connectivity, which adversely affect the system’s performance.

SHMS technology has been widely used in aircraft, bridges, buildings and tunnels engineering structural health monitoring system, Which include acquireing the data of strain, displacement, acceleration, vibration, force, pressure and load position.

The new trends of the SHMS development is using the so-called Internet of Things (IOT) based on the cloud computing technologies. All the traditional data could be collected to the cloud data storage and processed or monitored by the SaaS cloud services. By this way, it will significantly change the traditional  infrastructure of SHMS and provide a more efficient monitoring system to the clients.